After sending out my first download I realized I needed to have an answer to the question of: “How do we change the gender dynamic in the Church of today?” Come to find out, this has been a subject that has had a ton of discussion and hours upon hours of prayer over what can be done to make the Church whole and functioning as it is written to function in scripture. So, being a woman of prayer and listening, I asked the Lord what can be done to balance out the equation of gender authority in the Body?

If we were to swing the pendulum back too far in gender equality it would be out of balance, just as much as it is at this time. If the Body started giving women authority exclusively, the women would not be free to be the wonderful and beautiful creation that they were designed for. The power of their gender would be lost in the striving to be “equal” or like men. Women can function in whatever space that is given by God for them to operate in. But their real power is in being what God created them to be…a helpmate. Not a slave, not less than, not second place, not silent, not powerless, not to be ignored/neglected. They are strong and resilient, standing with others through adversity, giving and nurturing when no other could, bearing children and suckling their babies as they continue to feed the rest of their family with whatever is available. Superhuman? No. But designed to stand beside their soulmate to encourage, and to be a shoulder to lean upon. To be intelligent and capable of all that is spoken of in Proverbs 31. This scripture tells women that they are not to despise their lot in life, but to thrive in it. To flourish in what God has given them.

This is what I see when I picture a Godly woman. She is capable of walking in all the power gifts (1Cor. 12) along with the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22). She can teach and give guidance along with counsel. Her roll in the meeting place, and every other place, is to walk in the calling that Jesus called her into. She is taking responsibly for her personal, intimate relationship with her Lord and God. This is my view, my walk with Him, my total abandonment to the Kingdom. What I feel is Truth. I believe what I have shared could be about how all can find our places in the Kingdom. To be in balance, as God intended, with each gender walking fully and in support of the other. Just as we are to love one another; which is so important to Him that He made it a commandment, we are to give respect and space for others to speak and be. The beauty of this idea is spoken of in I Cor. 11 in which Paul encourages ALL to speak. None of the pronouns used when he explains these concepts of a church meeting were male exclusively. He speaks of All and in YOU without making anything gender specific. So, we CAN be a Proverbs 31 woman, and so much more. No sweat. It is how we roll.

What did God say to me when I asked Him about this gender issue? He made it so simple that I had to ponder His words for several minutes so that I could grasp His meaning. What He described to me was in line with something I had heard from a dear friend as she was telling me what she and her husband were in the habit of doing. When one of them was asked to speak at a gathering they would inform the invitees that they travel with their spouse and that their spouse may also speak at the gathering. This seemed to take many unaware and caused some confusion. God was saying to me that when a man travels with his wife, and both are anointed in speaking or ministering, that when the man has said what he has been given to say, that he would then turn to his wife and say, “ Do you have anything that you would like to share?” Not the last 5 minutes, not the dregs of his time, but giving her space and respect as he would any anointed speaker. This seemed so simple, and also in line with so many scriptures I had read that promoted both men and women of God speaking in order that the full meaning of the Spirit can be heard in the meetings. Looking at 1Cor. 12:14-27 it is clear that these words are about both genders. Not one part of the Body considering themselves more important than the other. How have we missed this for so long? Habit? Tradition? Poor interpretations of scripture without having read it as it was written, but as we were taught what it meant?

Can these changes be done world wide? Male dominated countries would struggle with the idea of women speaking in a meeting in any form other than all women meetings. Many denominations in Western countries would find it awkward to start out with, but I think they could warm up to the idea if they studied the scriptures differently. More importantly, do they see a need to change? That is the toughest issue to confront when this subject is brought up.

This answer does not resolve the issues that single ladies face. I guess God was dealing with me at my level and situation. The answer to my inquiry.
I will have to ask Him about single ladies and see if I get a divine inspired solution to the balancing of their participation in the Church meetings.

I have some other issues I have been talking to God about. Perhaps I will share them later on. For now, thanks for reading my musings!

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