About FHM

About Fathers Hand Ministries

Father’s Hand Ministries (FHM) is a missionary/servant/leadership ministry devoted to empowering every believer with the understanding of living in intimacy with the Father and walking out the purpose of discipling others by being mission minded ([biblegateway passage=”Matthew 28:18-20″ display=”Matthew 28:18-20″], [biblegateway passage=”2 Timothy 2:2″]). This can be fulfilled when believers know who they are in Christ and understand their responsibility to live in close, personal, dynamic fellowship of love ([biblegateway passage=”John 14:15,”] [biblegateway passage=”John 15:14″]).

Neil & Dana GambleNeil and Dana Gamble, directors of Father’s Hand Ministries, desire to see the Kingdom of God expand on earth. Through conducting strategic prayer trainings, servant leadership seminars, intimacy and discipleship trainings and Holy Spirit fire meetings around the world. They hope to be a part of fulfilling Father’s desires for the Church at large. They have been serving and energizing believers since 1983 in homes, on the streets, in prisons, at rodeos, in churches, during motorcycles rallies, by speaking at retreats and anywhere else they are asked to come share. In 2000, they began traveling internationally training leaders, pastors, and the body of Christ to walk with and be like Jesus. The trainings and teaching they bring focus on Father’s heart and purpose to equip followers of Christ to go into all the world and make disciples. As they impart intimacy, discipleship, and Holy Spirit truths to believers, the message of intimacy with the Lord and mission centeredness equips and releases believers to reach their own towns, regions, and people groups.

Father’s Hand Ministries is headquartered at 3 Springs Way Station, a retreat/equipping center located on 42 acres north of Spokane, Washington, USA. This training center is used for prayer and trainings, and to gather, equip, refresh and renew believers so they will be empowered to disciple all nations, kindred, tribes, and tongues.

Father’s Hand Ministries is a non-profit organization and is supported by the tax deductible contributions of like-minded believers as it continues to encourage The Church around the world and in the U.S. We, at Father’s Hand, appreciate your prayer and support to see this mission and God’s purpose for FHM fulfilled.

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