Neil’s Minutes 62

I don’t know of a conversation that God has had with me that does not effect others… that it wasn’t for others. Everything God shares with us needs to come in to alignment with the purpose of God. God said to me, “You need to remind the people of something: Why would I ever tell […]

House of Prayer

The Focus and Completion of a House of Prayer

I have been walking with Jesus as Lord a while now and in these years of walking with Him and being a part of the church, I have seen so many “moves” of God. It seems we are always trying to “get God to move” by the works we do, trying to prove ourselves to […]

Neil’s Minutes 43

While in Romania, the Lord emphasized this theme: “Remember how faithful He is and to be willing to see what He is doing rather than what you think He should do.” It’s not a matter of whether you hear God or know that He’s speaking to you, but rather it’s a matter of whether you […]