Neil’s Minutes 77

There is a difference between moving to the promised land and living in it. In moving to the promised land there were a few obstacles in their road – turmoil, trials and testings on the journey. Satan wants to keep you from getting there. God wants it to be a strengthening. Have you made it […]

Neil’s Minutes 74

Anxiety and fear can creep up in an instant. Remember who you are, Who’s you are, and who He is. This will cause us to look at the world differently. God wants to install in us a fear buffer – Jesus! Fear causes us to be judgmental. Pray we will become the antidote to fear […]

Neil’s Minutes 72

It’s time to “burn the ships”. Step into a new place without anxiety. The destruction of relationships through fear and anxiety runs deep. We need to be about the KINGDOM. How are we going to bring people away from fear? We must be lives of healing, hope, and the presence of God’s love.

Neil’s Minutes 71

572 Weeks (11 years) we have been at 3 Springs. Physical development happened on the property, but WE are what was really built. Today is the beginning of an incredible period of time. God is going to start revealing the width, depth, and height of the love of Christ which is all about people.