Neal is sharing from Norway about a conversation He had with the Lord during and after a dream.

If what you do in the spiritual realm is not affecting the natural realm, why do you call it God? If what you do in the supernatural arena does not affect the natural arena, why do you call it God?

What if you were confident that extremist liberalism and anti-christ living were going to come to a place where it was legal to kill Christians? What if the Holy Spirit informed you that you had 7 days to live at the end of which time, the enemy is going to find a way to take you out?

The question the Lord asked me as He gave me this scenario is, “What would you teach to those you are working with that would sustain them through the darkness after you’re gone? What would you give or share with them in your last 7 days? What would be the most important foundation for their future that you could establish with them?”

The Lord began showing me about the fullness of the HOLY SPIRIT! I would have to say that the greatest thing I have to give to people is intimacy with Christ and a relationship with the Holy Spirit that is real. It is that relationship that has sustained me and changed the most lives.

What am I going to give people as if I knew I was going to die in one week? Commandments, or presence? Laws, or love?

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