The Lord asked me, “Why do you live like you do? Why do you share?”

My first response was, “I don’t live to share. I share to live.” His question was deeper than what He asked.

He asked me the question to move me into a deeper place. The Lord is always provoking me to look at life and see there is greater intimacy and friendship. There is never a place of “I have arrived”. Because as we go and grow then we change and the change brings an avenue for the new, and more, and different.

The Lord’s question to me was not about activity but rather a question of heart.

We have a portfolio of when we are just out doing stuff that’s different than our portfolio of BEING in Christ. We continually are having to think about Jesus to respond to Jesus rather than just getting up in the morning and BEING in Him and letting our walk be from BEING in Him, and our talk from BEING in Him, and stop trying to be right and rather just BE.

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