So, it is close to the end of the year and it has been a bit fast and full during the last couple of months. The Lord seems to be bringing a fresh hunger into people’s hearts and there are a bunch of fresh questions I am receiving. Not new questions but fresh, fueled by a new “need” for truth and reality in their experience with Christ. While in Africa in November there did not seem to be enough time to answer all the need. Christians everywhere seem amazed that Jesus wants to talk to them about life, work, their friends and family. He is attempting to bring them to a greater understanding of why they are and who they are. To perceive this we must have a new revelation of who He is, and our relationship with HIM. People are always trying to get me to teach them how to do intimacy with the Lord, but that is not possible because intimacy can not be taught! It can be caught or a hunger for it can be imparted but it can not be taught. I can give the principles and the examples of it yet I cannot give it to others. It comes with hunger and obedience out of honor and sacrifice that shows a real desire to “know” Him! Intimacy always carries a cost! (Ask Father, He will show you what it has cost Him).

I have had more dreams and visions that I have in years during the past few months. Many I do not understand yet, but there seems to be a central theme to them. It is like we are being called into account for where we should be but aren’t. It is not an anger thing but a love thing. He is attempting to prepare us and move us to a deeper intimacy needed in the future to show His presence and grace with more truth.

“Today” matters! Everyday matters. A close, personal, dynamic, compelling relationship takes time and effort. It does not just happen.


13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:
Fear God and keep His commandments,
For this is man’s all.
14 For God will bring every work into judgment,
Including every secret thing,
Whether good or evil.

These two verses have been happening in my life this last week or so and it seems Father is speaking afresh to me about a few of the words in these two scripture verses. “Fear. Keep, commands,” from verse 13 and from 14, “will bring every work, including every secret, – into judgment”.

This is not a “wrath of God thing”, it is a “overwhelming Love of God thing”!

Father knows what the wrong focus or activities will bring. Look at the world today, everywhere there is a hunger for liberalism and an intolerance for any standard of truth. Liberalism is very intolerant in its demands. It says you must believe like me and give me my rights. You have no right to come against me. I have a right to demand you accept my ways but I do not have to accept any “standard” of truth you may adhere to. Liberalism wants to omit God and His commandments, (Love God, love your neighbor are the New Testament commands that envelope all commands). Liberalism wants to say the definition of love means acceptance, compromise, tolerance. God’s love is always “The Truth” spoken or lived in such a way as to bring life when accepted. The reality of God’s Love is this, not all you live and call love is acceptable! God’s Love is defined in His character and by it.

Since love and relationships always have a responsibility to them, (a cost so to speak), we should recognize our responsibility to find “the need of the relationship” and sacrifice the “I” principle found in liberalism for the selflessness of Christ found in His love.

To “fear God” is to be frightened by and in reverence of, Him. Mt. 10:28, Rev. 14:7. We fear Him who can send our soul to hell and worship Him who sends us such grace and mercy! Thus we are “obedient to His decrees, ordinances, and precepts because we “know” Him and that His desire is our freedom and life.

We recognize that true Love brings everything even the secret things to the Light! God requires us to live in the light and the truth. Thus “judgment” is not always a bad thing, it reveals the truth about “ALL” things, both good and bad. Judgment can be for someone as well as against them! We look at judgment as bad instead of simply it being a verdict favorable or unfavorable. Judgment is a determination of the true value of or the disposing of the truth of an action, activity or something offered or lived in relationship with another.

As I see Christmas coming and know that this time before Christmas, (the winter solstice) is a very dark time in the world. It seems fitting for us to celebrate 3 days later, the “Light of the World” coming to destroy the sin of man. We know this date is probably not the actual day Jesus was born but I find it fitting to celebrate His birth when we do. (Dana and I do not celebrate the worldly commercialistic day, or season. We celebrate Christ, born to die to redeem us from being separated from Father)!

I have travelled more this year than I have in several years and will leave the 31st of Dec. to go again to India. I pray that YOU have a very special time celebrating Christ every day but maybe a bit more as we look upon the greatness of His birth during this season.

Much at 3 Springs and in FHM has and is continuing to change. Stay tuned for what is coming in 2019. God is on the move.

Father has been asking me this question during this last week, “What does Jesus’ birth really mean to you”? “Give me some specifics not just a general answers Neil”. It has caused me to think a bit and my own answers have moved me to tears as I think about Jesus birth.

All His love to you,

Neil and Dana Gamble

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support !

Our prayer list for this time:

  • Anointing to be who we are called to be and to see His will done in all he sends us to do
  • Spiritual and physical provision for FHM and 3 Springs
  • New doors to open in the USA – and a right heart in us to be what is needed, Also courage for those who call to be able to do what they learn.

Specific needs for 3 Springs property and FHM:

  • Need a truck for the property, (a rig for snow plowing and hauling) or a replacement for Neil’s rig and we will use the Tahoe for the property vehicle.
  • New Green house plastic cover (old one fell apart this last summer). 32-2”x6”x12’ boards for roof spans on the green house to replace those that are bad.
  • More gravel for the road to complete it next spring.
  • Fencing supplies to fence the meadow so we can put some livestock on it.

Blessings, in Father’s Hand,

neil and Dana

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