After decades of teaching the people of God to hear His voice, we are finding that the real truth is that many people want an excuse to not truly hear. They want more of God and all the miracles, but don’t want to give anything up for this relationship change. I often think they are looking for an answer that is not there, so they can prove that their years of inaction have been justified. Well, not most of the people we work with, but some leaders, or those that have been called and gifted but step away for many non-legitimate reasons. This fact has fascinated me for a very long time. What are they afraid of encountering if they do start hearing His voice? Why do they step back from the mysteries of God like their lives are in danger? Who is it that they see off in the distance as they seek a deeper relationship with their Creator? How can they crave to see the miraculous, walk in anointed gifts and yet fear intimacy at the same time? Is staying the same really that attractive?

(I do these downloads when God gives them to me, so that is why it has been a while since I have done one.)

Last night, as I was returning from town, I heard a song on the car radio that rocked my relationship status with God. The song is by King and Country and is called, Amen. As the song was playing, it started pounding in my heart, my spirit, my whole body as I kept turning the volume up and up and getting more and more into the music. I have had reactions at times to songs, but mostly it is a BIG nudge from God and Him saying, “Pay attention to this one.” Usually it results in me telling Neil about what God has said and we turn it on and let God do some more talking to us. But this was not like any other time. I was yanking on the steering wheel and yelling at the top of my lungs, “YESSSSS, YESSSSS, YESSSS!” just slightly maniacal. When the song was over I was sucked back to this world and then asked the Lord,” WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT”?

I arrived at home and started fixing dinner and did not get a chance to explore this experience. Later on I was able to share what happened with Neil and our neighbors that were over for dinner and prayer. We played the song, read the lyrics, and then played it again.
The download occurred. Each time the chorus would come on I was seeing people standing together extremely close and in a fight readiness stance. As the chorus continued with, “Amen” I kept seeing more and more people doing the same thing until at the final note I saw thousands all standing together, clear to the horizon and looking forward in readiness and focused on whatever was coming toward them. If you look up the word, Amen, you will find that there is a lot more to it than just the ending of a prayer. It is a word of power and finality; a word of agreement and allegiance. There is no retreat in the word. There are no excuses allowed. It is a vow. A declaration. A stance. It came to me that this is what God was downloading to me.

It is time. A profoundly prophetic friend told me a while ago that God was saying to me that He could redeem many things in my life, but He could not redeem the time.

The line is being drawn and it is the result of what we have been teaching for all these years. We have presented a God breathed, Holy Spirit, overcoming walk that is the right and responsibility of every believer. A strong front line army that is ready to go to war is being called to stand up. No more of the excuses that we have been hearing all these many years. Leaders and the Body are going to have to make a decision and be prepared to say with all certainty, “I agree with the Truth.” “I am ready to pay the price.” “Amen, and be done Thy will.” But we MUST be able to hear His voice and be willing to believe what He says. Have Neil and I done all we can to guide the Body to this conclusion? Are they ready to make this stand? Or else…what?

That is the question that is running around in my head now. What are the options of continuing with the excuses? Why are scriptures compromised to fit the mindset and traditions of so many? What is so frightening about simply being what we have been created to be? And why have we failed to empower the Believers with an uncompromising walk with their Lord and Savior?

What event is coming? No idea. But I am certain that Neil and I had better be prepared to take on a stance of readiness with others in the Body that have heard this battle cry. Just today, from overseas, we heard from two more that are aware that it is time.

And my spirit man is yelling, “YESSSSS!”

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