I have been putting off the task of writing up a summery of the prophetic gathering for a bit. It has been pretty hectic here and a constant flow of people gave me room to procrastinate some. I write a little then work some.

I believe that through this meeting we had, there is a clear word for the Church at large. I feel that these 16 people who attended the gathering time found God’s presence and in that time found a word that should be heard at large. I am not sure how to write this up, so as a result or that I am just condensing and summarizing what we all heard. I am going to leave it in raw form, as I feel that if I go too far in what I perceive the conclusions are, I will end up just putting my own thoughts down. I pray that as anyone reads this letter they will hear and be convicted of the simplicity of being the Body of Christ and operating as naturally supernatural beings, fulfilling the prophetic nature of Christ in our world today. With Christ, we are not “merely human”. God lives in us! The church is the prophetic word to the world.

I sent out a notice of this prophetic gathering, that the Lord spoke to Dana and I to have, to well over 200 people. I got responses from Germany, Switzerland, Australia, China, and the USA. Many of these responses were from people known to be prophetically gifted. But it was interesting that the majority of the responses were from simple believers who had been, in one way or the other, put down as not being prophetically gifted. I got close to 50 responses. Many said they really would like to be a part, but just could not come. A lot of them said they would like to do a “prophetic gathering” in their own area. It ended up that 14 of those invited showed up here on the 28th of June. None were “accepted prophets.”

We had a pastor and his wife, an ex-pastor, an ex-women’s ministry leader, an ex-youth leader, an ex-evangelist, a man who has worked with Teen Challenge as a counselor … do you get the picture here? Those who came were rejected or frustrated people who loved the Lord and wanted to hear from Him. They wanted to be used and needed by God in a more profound way. They were hungry, thirsty, broken and for the most part neglected. Most, really did not know why they came… but they did.

From the very first it was evident that this gathering was going to be something unique! Many of those who said they were coming cancelled out, and this remnant remained.

To get on the same playing field, first we defined “prophetic word”. In the simplest form we defined it as; “divine speaking or utterance” not always about the future or the past, simply God speaking through a person; a divine utterance.

We also came to the conclusion, through the reading of scripture and talking about it, that to know Christ is to be prophetic. That was the starting point. (2 Pet. 1:21 and Rev.19:10b THE WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST IS TO BE A PROPHETIC STATEMENT AND IS TO SPEAK PROPHETICLALLY).

We are to hear, each one of us, not just special people, and we are to speak what we hear and see from Holy Spirit and Jesus. We are to be His children, living in His presence and sent “just like Jesus”.

I am going to put down some of the significant thoughts that I feel came for the church as a whole, and a few statements I picked out from all that was shared. After each morning or afternoon we would summarize what we felt God was speaking to “the Body of Christ around the world”. These thoughts are the ones I will write down first, then at the end you will find summarized statements from most of the group. I pray that this document will encourage the “Church of Christ” to stand up and be the Church! I believe the following statements made by simple believers and disciples of the Lord in a ‘prophetic gathering’ (real church meeting) will be heard and it will cause us all to take seriously what He wants us to hear.

As the meeting started, we all felt that it was quite significant that the “Obama care” policy was upheld by the Supreme Court of our country as constitutional. We all felt that the USA democracy died and a new chapter in America began that was definitely not a democracy of the people, for the people, by the people. We felt that the same was happening in the Body of Christ. Something changed on the 28th. An accountability for our past negligence and compromise began on that day.

If we forfeit the importance of obeying today, it may be that a whole generation must pass away before the same opportunity to obey comes again. We found that we need to come to a realization of the importance of one perceived insignificant obedient act. Interestingly enough, pastors and leaders were not condemned, not spoken of as the problem with the Church, but rather it seemed to constantly be “WE” who need to take up our cross and be responsible to our position and for what is happening.

Insignificance was shown to be a lie, and it came to light early on that every persons action or word from the Lord was significant and worthy of all our attention; even though individuals speaking what they got did not see the importance. The Body is to be supportive of all it’s members, not pick and chose from our prospective.

Insignificance, or the thought of being such, minimizes the need for obedience, i.e. … if I am insignificant, then my disobedience or obedience will make no difference in the final outcome. We found that this thought was a part of each person’s life and in some way negated our usefulness to God’s Kingdom. This condition of being of little or no value or being or having no real effect through what we are told to do by the Lord, forfeits our obedience and position with God… to Satan.

Through “insignificance” we failed to bring God’s purpose to bear fruit on the earth. It was decided that this insignificance was magnified in the way Church meets together and the way the meetings are run or held. Insignificance was brought up again and again through the meetings and all saw it for what it was, a very deceptive ploy of the enemy that would not work in our lives anymore. Each word given by the Lord carries weight and is significant, even if not understood. Most felt that they had missed moments of importance through the thought that what we had to contribute was not relevant or significant to the Body.

The first mornings summery:

You are not insignificant!
Do not underestimate the importance of a single seemingly foolish obedience.
What we do is important and this meeting is serious!
We are together and individually His voice.
Do not harden your heart though disobedience
Complacency — NOT!
The first afternoon brought a charged group back early from lunch. There was an amazing hunger present. Everyone felt that we needed to put our glasses on so we could see clearly what the Lord was speaking to the Church. God has given us all tools but we are not just to take them out of the box and look at them. We must use them! We are not to run from giving what we get from Jesus. The Church is accountable, and will be held accountable for being found and seen as less than what the Lord has called us to be. Church was seen sitting in a hole or valley below the world and looked down on by all who saw it, instead of being set on a hill for all to see as something great and worthy of being a part of. One vision shared showed this believer standing in desolation looking up at this ridge and seeing the blessings of God flowing from the throne room and rolling toward them over a ridge. The person seeing this stood excitedly waiting for these blessings to reach them but they did not come. So eventually they stepped forward, and as they did they saw a great chasm or crevasse between them and the blessings coming from God. The blessings were floating around at the bottom of this abyss. The chasm would never fill up and cause the blessings to flow to whom they were intended. They did not see any solution, just that. We all felt this was where the Church is. From that came several interpretations, one being that we, the Church, must change positions to see clearly and know what to do and where to go. We are in the wrong place and must move to another position so we can receive what the Lord is sending. He is not negligent, but doing as He said He would, but we are not able to receive because of our position spiritually and physically. (Phil.3:7).

We need to focus and be accountable to the “seemingly” insignificant that comes from God. We need to take seriously each and every vision or word that the Lord speaks, knowing it changes everything including our obedience to listen and obey. Satan laughs as God’s sent blessings are sidetracked or stopped short of their intended purpose and end up in his hands to be used against Father and the Church.

I asked how many had received small or large visions or directions for living from the Lord. After some discussion, it was realized that all of those present had a vision and all who believe are called to a vision, the one written in the Word. It was shown that all individual desires and visions end up at the same point if they are from the Lord — seeking and saving the lost and destroying the works of the devil.

The conclusion was that all of God’s chosen (that is the church at large, all believers) are accountable and all need to be stirred up with “divine words” (the prophetic) and should share the calling and direction they receive from the Lord with others as it encourages and enables the body to network together; to wake up to being valued by the Lord. It shows the reality of a Body and the need for each other to conquer and fulfill Jesus’ purposes. We should ask others about dreams, visions, frustrations and insignificant feelings. Then they will realize that they are not alone.

One thing that encouraged all of us was the reality that everyone experiences frustration, and feelings of insignificance, when we are walking alone or kept silent and alienated. (All of God’s leaders should be dream builders and the Body should be a dream team, corporate and intentional at fulfilling Christ’s and Father’s desire).

A specific vision was of a crown, which was seen by two of the members, and this lead to the rest of the vision which was “London and above that was the Olympic rings”. When someone looked up the online site for the games it looked like a crown. Problem was that the shape was made from guns and the visual was exactly as seen in the vision. Another member saw that even if the vision was an act of terrorism that was stopped, it would change the government controls of England. The way the Lord lead us through this vision, there was a strong sense that something was going to happen at the Olympics

The church has more tools than it sees or knows. The gifts and callings of God will not go away and there is no way out. If you know Jesus, you will be accountable.

We are to remember, remember, remember…we are called to be a reminder and sign to the world.

Do not walk over the “little people” with “small visions”. They are the key to the completion of Christ’s and the leader’s larger visions. It is not about us, but others!

Christ followers are all a prophetic people—divine speakers, thus divine hearers.

Are you willing to acknowledge God and that you hear Him? Holy Spirit is foundation of all we have today. What are the promises? Can God trust us? We need to examine the consequences of Choices and the avoidance of responsibility.

We are designed to hear God and are built to share God.

Second morning summary:

God brings us together so we are not alone. Eph. 5:1-21, (13-14 key)
Acts 4:13-31—understand and be passionate to speak, we must!
The Body is a prophetic people—we are to make clear God’s Word, It is not the pastors job!.
We are to hear and obey—let God be God for the results or purpose.
The Body must be prophetic—divine speakers.
We must acknowledge who we are, receive it and run with it!
Do not apologize for being.
We do not need nor ask permission to do or be who we are in Christ.
Staying in and standing in communion is essential to be whom we are.
The second afternoon we reviewed all the previous times spent together and looked at our “excuses” or invalid reasons for neglect of position and duty.

From this we deduced:

The Church as a whole needs to return to God’s’ perspective.
We need to be or go to higher ground to see and be seen.
Passivity is contagious and erosive in nature—opposite of trust and faith.
A non-prophetic Church is not Christ’s Church.
Conformity for the sake of acceptance is a tradition learned through the world and leaders trained in the ways of the world.
Pastors being the only teacher or the main voice in any body is a large root that re-enforces thoughts of insignificance in the body members. Compromise results, which encourages disobedience –(the result of feeling insignificant is that you feel your obedience is valueless or won’t matter nor change anything, which is a huge lie! ).
We should naturally act like God since we are created in His image and likeness. We are His children!
Being unloving and disobedient is against the nature of God. (We have to work at NOT being love or like God.)
The group found that there is no way for us to not hear God. We have to work at disregarding God, to be unbelieving. The promises of what Holy Spirit will do or bring, (Jn14:26, 15:26, and 16:13) must be true. We found that all of us have experienced knowing things that are coming at sometime in our lives and that it is quite natural to know about others and events to come. We also realized that God has purpose in showing us things to come. It is impossible for Him not to show us things coming; He is a loving Father and He knows the future. Of course He will share as He cares for us! God will show the body future events and reveal people’s heart and soul to us so they may be saved (delivered from their enemies).

The final conclusions the group came to:

The Church should live in confidence because we are divine speakers.
WE are prophetic!

Prophetic people must hear, be accountable, be motivated and obedient.
Knowing that we hear rejects insignificance—which means we are not to simply exist. We must find the truth, and live as the only hope of this world.
We all are to be someone else’s dream builder and need to create dream teams.
We are to be fire starters, encourage life, and be a confirmation to others of God’s presence in everyday living.
We need to receive the mantle of Holy Spirit—receive guidance and follow Him, fully trusting His directions.
We are to walk in intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
WE are God’s purpose, not what we do.
Everyone has failures or excuses, but we must not accept those we have that keep us from being children of God, as they will not be accepted by Father.
Dare to dream and be intentional to walk toward dreams with God.
What others think or say should not destroy our dreams or our obedience.
We are to be confident in our obedience and trust, as our significance is found in God alone.
Self-righteousness withholds Grace from others
Chose courage over self-preservation
Make sure you say what God says, not what you would like to say. Acknowledge God speaking and the importance of His words in life.

The reality of others struggles (that are like yours) speaks of the significance of who we ALL are.

HOW CAN WE NOT LIVE AND SHARE and be divine hearers and speakers?

To summarize all we heard in a few thoughts, I would say Father is telling us to quit making excuses and believing satan’s lies that we are insignificant in any way. There are no drones in the Body of Christ. Each member is significant and all our daily actions and words are important. Each person contributes to the whole, and none of our callings or giftings are without significance, especially when put together with the other members of His Body. WE ARE GOD’S PRESENCE—EVEN IF WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE THIS AS TRUTH. We will be held accountable for this fact and Father is going to require a walk worthy of the price He paid for our salvation. Judgment begins at His house.

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