The church body of the USA, for the most part, seems to really believe that they are not accountable, nor significant. They rely on the “Grace, Grace” theology of sitting and watching others or “the anointed ones”do the work of the ministry, when it is their job to do. Faith shown by our works like Paul and James talk of does not factor into their thinking. They believe their obedience means nothing as they are just not of much value so why obey? (insignificance is taught by having them constantly sit and watch). In the end it will not matter anyway. With this attitude, is it any wonder that we see such evil growing in our country and that we see such un-righteousness prosper in every corner of our society?

Until we can get the Church to see that what they do makes a difference and that they create the future with their actions, there will be struggle, tears, and hair pulling by those who hunger for God’s kingdom to come. I am always amazed at the compromise that exists, stemming from the illusion of insignificance and unaccountability. Somehow we have to get people to look in a mirror and see that what they are not doing matters and what they are doing is taking people somewhere they do not want them to go. Every action or non-action is valuable to God, us, and the future of others in some way. How can we get it across? Our lack of intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit does affect His Kingdom and our lives as well as those around us.
I pray every day for Father to find an open door and open hearts to receive what He has to say. Yet, i struggle to find those who will persevere to trust the One they say that they are following. Jesus says, “follow me”, gets up and goes to the door; the church sits and watches as He goes out the door, then they turn back to the front waiting for Him to come back in or for someone to make them feel good. He stands on the steps outside and waits, then with tears goes on His journey across town with no followers to minister to those He encounters. Wow, that must be a sad, hard place for Him, as He looks and sees those ready to receive life, but no one is there to give them life.
How long will we sit? How long will we say, “NO” to the one we love and expect Him to continue to bless us? Is there no accountability or responsibility to righteousness and sonship? It is no wonder that judgment is on the land we live in. It is no wonder that we see fear and anger everywhere we turn. It is a wonder that Jesus has not completely turned His back on our pleas for grace and mercy. IT IS ONLY HIS GRACE AND MERCY THAT KEEPS US!
Where is The Church of the Living God, standing and saying “No More” to the enemy and his killing, stealing and destroying? Most are waiting, not just to be released, but to be sent by the leaders that should be under them propelling them out the door, not crying for them to come and “see me, and sit at my feet” while i tickle your ears with nice words and tell you, “how great God is and i am” with no mandate of significance and responsibility to those called ones– the Church. … If we do not raise the Church up to hear Father’s voice and then help them to go make disciples, by being an example of these commandments, what will happen? Leaders must make a paradigm shift in thinking and action. What we are doing is not working!
The individual visions and dreams of all believers must take precedence over leaders desires as they are what will actually fulfill “our dreams” and most importantly God’s vision of “a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle”. The miracles we all want to see and be a part of are tied up in our lack of obedience and the thoughts of insignificance that prevail in the Church.
In Father’s Hand, neil

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