Neil’s Minutes 68

God to me, “Wake up and don’t drag the past into the future.” CHANGE is here. We have entered a new time. The future promise is Jesus! It’s time to leave 3 Springs and be mobile.

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3 comments on “Neil’s Minutes 68

  1. Wow, I pray God continues to give you the courage and passion to walk into his future. What a challenge; what will I do? I don’t want to go back to Egypt but walk with Spirit into Jesus future. Thank you for sharing. Thank God for the courage and passion he blesses you with.

  2. Neil and Dana, I thank you for this message from the bottom of my heart. I know you will experience the faithfulness of Father in these next steps, even as you have in the past. In one sense, you’ve always been ‘mobile’ in heart, mind, and response, even while at Three Springs. Now, your mobility will take on an even more practical aspect. Much love to you both, from Julie and Peter, and thanks again for this sharing.

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