I was ministering to the Lord and as I sat in my chair I found myself with Father and Jesus in heaven. The reality of the scene before me was this; the place looked like a watchtower. It was above the earth and there was a huge window that I looked through. I was seated in a chair facing this window and Jesus was behind me with his right hand on my left shoulder. Father was pacing along the edge of the window that overlooked the world. As He walked back-and-forth you could see that he was very angry and perplexed. As I watched He turned from the window and faced me, pointed His finger at me and said, ”I will require of you why I should not destroy this people”. In surprise I looked at Him and great fear fell upon me. How can God require of me a reason not to destroy this people? “Shouldn’t He be talking to Jesus”? There was no way to answer! I was a bit undone as God continue to pace the window that looked out over the world. Suddenly he turned again and repeated a little more emphatically, ”I will require of you why I should not destroy this people”!

I knew what people he was talking of. It was the Christians in the USA. He turned again toward me and began to speak of the offenses against this people. He showed me pictures as He told me what they had done. The people would come into his presence and He would share with them secrets of His kingdom. They were so excited; they were thrilled at the revelations and illuminations he would share with them. When their meeting with Father was over this people would leave and go back to their homes or businesses to spend the rest of their day. Many ended up in restaurants or out having fun. I watched the scenes play out before me, I would see the enemy disguised as a waiter, a gas station attendant or a friend come to them and ask them questions. These questions were leading questions that would cause the people to share what God had given them earlier. Interestingly, the things God had given them I knew were keys to His Kingdom and how to expand it. What God was mad about was that these keys were not being used to expand the kingdom but for personal gain or good times together. They were not affecting the world with them but in His eyes they were wasting them… they were taking what God intended to change the world with and using these revelations amongst themselves in what appeared to be games. They were taking lightly what was about life and death for those without God.

Interestingly the people never caught on to the deceptions that were happening. Time and time again this same scene would play out. This people acted like people at a music concert in God’s presence and then shared without thought or purpose what God had shared with them. They never realized that they were giving away, without thought for the world and the lost, the keys God had given to them in trust to change the world with. The deception the Christians were falling for in sharing what God had given them without thought – they were not being about the purpose of Christ and seeking and saving the lost with His provision but were spending it on their own fun or prosperity. By sharing indiscriminately what God had spoken to them they gave the enemy tools to use against God. The enemy was taking the revelations the Christians got from God and using it against God kingdom by getting them to think that God was all about them – and not concerned with those outside the walls of church.

God was incensed with what was happening. He was tired of his kingdom being destroyed by the hand of the enemy. He was tired of Christians sleeping and playing with His anointing and love. He was tired of their constant play. As I sat in the chair with Jesus hand on my shoulder Father became more and more upset. He turned again, looked at me, looked to Jesus, and then spoke with finality, ” I will require of you why I should not destroy this people”! As father spoke this again, I could feel his despair and anguish. There were tears in His eyes. His whole presence spoke of resignation.

”Is this really happening”? My mind was racing, I could not think of a reason why I should be responsible for this people. I was in such turmoil I didn’t know how to answer. How could God require of me? How can I be held responsible for what this people were doing.? As my mind was searching, racing, looking for an answer Jesus squeezed my shoulder. In an instant I was on my feet, I stood in God’s face, Jesus at my left hand, and I spoke so clearly and with an intensity that surprised me, “Jesus blood cries out Mercy! You said that Jesus blood was enough! You said that your mercy was fresh every morning”. I knew that I had found the answer. I knew that I had spoken what God wanted me to speak.

He turned away from me and walked back to the window. He responded with a deep pain evident in His voice, “ You are right”. Then He proceeded to speak, “I am sending you to tell them I will give them one more chance. I will pour out my grace and of my Spirit one more time upon this land if they do not hear me and begin to focus on my purpose I will destroy them”.

I will interject here some of the things I have thought about since this vision and experience. I found that in Scripture, God would require of his leaders to be responsible for his people being about His purpose and following His direction. God always has judged leaders more quickly than he has the people. (But there is a time when Father’s anger will turn toward His people as they continue to disobey. Then God will search for someone to speak to the people for God).

The people will suffer because of a bad leader. Leaders pay a price for their behavior, for their words, and for the direction the people move in. Leaders are to be the mouthpiece and example of God and what it is to trust and obey Him. They are responsible be an example and to give what God shares with them to the people for the good of the people.

The more I meditated on this vision, the more I realized that God could hold one person accountable for the actions of many. As I searched through Scripture and found this Thread of accountability, it changed my view on the role of leaders. Leaders must worship and serve God. They are accountable to live righteousness and with integrity. And as it says in [biblegateway passage=”Matthew 20:25″], they must also be the servants of all.

Back to the vision, at this moment in time after Father’s final word, I found myself on earth, standing on a street corner telling the people what God has spoken to me. Behind me and up to my left there was a stairway and at the top of the stairway a stage and on the stage Jesus’ throne of Grace. Everyone could see it, and I would point to it as I spoke. I was telling the people who were walking on the street that they must turn to God, that they must not ignore his Grace anymore. I explained to them that Father was only going to send his grace one more time upon this land and then He would destroy — if we did not listen. I was confounded as no one would stop, no one would look, and no one would even turn and face me as I spoke these words. It was like I wasn’t there, no one was listening! I had felt that if Father has sent me people would listen, but it was not so. I was powerless to move a single person to walk up the stairway to Jesus’ throne of Grace. NO ONE WOULD LISTEN EVEN THOUGH I HAD GOD’S WORD FOR THEM. Even though I was broken and cried with tears from my heart for people to turn, no one even glanced at me or the throne of grace that could be seen so clearly up on the stage area by all.

I was so frustrated and angry at my failure to move the people that I raised my voice and declared more fervently—“You must listen, Father has told me that this would be the last “wave of grace” He would send if we refused or wasted what He was offering us”! Still the people would not turn or even acknowledge my presence. They simply continued to go their way with no thought for God and His desire to save them, and His need for them to listen to Him.

At some point I finally got so tired of no one responding that I threw my bible down and turned toward heaven and shouted, “I am done, I will not do this anymore”! In an instant I was back in heaven with Father and Jesus seated in the chair again with Jesus’ hand on my shoulder. Father was still pacing, still frustrated at what was happening. I looked up at Jesus, then stood and walked to where Father was standing waiting for me. I said with tears, “I can not do this, no one will listen.” Then in my heart a courage or faith beyond measure showed up, and I spoke with a resolute confidence softly, “If you do not send Holy Spirit with me, I will not go”! I repeated to Him, “If you do not send me with the Power of Holy Spirit, I will not go. I am done.” He looked me in the eye and then turned away slowly, I heard Him speak clearly one word, “Go!”

I found myself again on the same corner, speaking the same message, with the same crying in my heart, knowing this was our last chance to hear and obey His hearts desire. I marveled at what I witnessed. People were flocking to the stairway that led to the throne of Grace where Jesus sat. Multitudes were crowding up the steps and pushing to get close to Jesus’ presence. It was so awesome and I was so amazed as I could not tell any difference in what I had spoken, but Holy Spirit made the difference.

I found myself on the stage area where the Throne of Grace was located. I was on the edge of the crowd watching, with tears of joy rolling down my checks, as people found Jesus and His presence. My eyes scanned the crowd and the stairway filled with people looking toward Jesus, hungry for His love. As I was enjoying this scene I saw something strange happening amidst the people, every once in a while I would see a single person in the crowd jump up above the people and look around searching for someone. As I scanned the area, I saw this happen several times and began to wonder what it was about.

This stage I was on stretched as far as I could see away from the throne room. Further down it was empty and down the edge of it I could see many more stairways, all empty also. I was moved with anticipation and excitement as I knew Jesus was showing me where I needed to go. The people I had spoken to were all focusing on Jesus, they had forgotten about me and I was thrilled this had happened. There were more places to speak this message, more people to see find intimacy with Jesus and Father’s purpose for their lives. I started to leave the edge of this throng of people surrounding Jesus, hesitated, looked back one more time and as I did I saw several people moving through the crowd converging on me as I walked out of the area. When I reached the very edge of the people, I stopped, looked around me and found myself with about a dozen others looking at me and asking, “Where are we going”? With tears in my eyes, as I realized I would not have to go alone any more, I looked down the stage and at the stairways, they understood. We all walked away from the crowd at the Throne of Grace toward another stairway excited at what lay before us and what lay behind.

The vision ended at this point, but through the years, since this vision, I have wondered when it would happen. I have seen the stage area and the stairways in my dreams and visions several times since that day. And I have waited. I know that I am not the only one who has had visions like this and I know that I am not the only one Father has spoken this vision to. I pray that those who are seeing visions like this will speak up and not fear… blessings,

I have been a man given to dreams and visions for most of my life. I continue to seek to Know Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. I live for the audience of One.

I believe this is the day of this vision.

In Father’s Hand, neil

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