“Today, what Lord?” A similar question comes to me daily as I contemplate His presence. The sun is coming up, it is 5:05 am and He is in the stillness I feel. The morning air is cool and there is not a hint of a breeze. A few clouds cover part of the sky and the green valley stretches out below me. Hummingbirds are attacking the fresh nectar I put out and Bart the dog is looking for a pet…Coffee is good at this time and as I sip mine I can almost feel the Lord ‘s words around me. “There is a lot to do”! Instantly I realize He is not talking of me splitting wood for the coming winter nor “leveling” a playground area for kids to use, nor the other 101 things that need to be completed before winter on 3 Springs property. He is talking of His Kingdom.
Sometimes God’s voice just is. It isn’t exactly a speaking as much as it just happens. A sentence like that comes and with it a whole page of meaning is just ‘there’. How does He do that? I will be writing for an hour from 2 seconds of time that He imprinted one sentence on my soul. He and I will talk about it all day probably. We will have a prayer meeting this morning and His word will impact us as I share what He spoke then what we speak, what we hear, what we focus on will be affected by His presence in His words.

“There is much to do” He adds. His Kingdom is coming, His ways will prevail. His heart is breaking as He looks upon the world and all the violence and perversion going on. Man’s heart is far from the truth and seems to grow more wicked each day.

God silently cries and turns toward me, then we both look out over the valley once more and cry a bit together for the lost, the hurting and the state of man. He said this is how it would be, Men worshiping the creation more than the Creator, Children angry and violent toward parents, nation against nation, signs in the heavens and on the earth, etc.
As He speaks to me the sun breaks out from behind a cloud and covers most of the valley with rays of warmth. The thought that He is still a God of mercy and grace fills me with hope. Yet in the light that covers the valley is also the thought that He knows and sees all. His light penetrates the darkest areas of mans’ soul and knows the hearts of all. In the midst of His tears, as He looks out over this valley and the land that stretches away from us, I feel a resolve arise from His presence mixed with His tears. I feel more than hear, “I will not compromise with man! In all my love I will not relinquish my creation to the destructive will of man”.

He has a plan to destroy the works of the enemy and redeem man from deception. It will not be pleasant to experience His love nor His mercy as He deals with us for our transgressions and rebellion in the coming time. I know that many will see Him as a “hard God” in this time, yet it is with mercy that He says, “I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked”. The expression of His Love leaves us with no room for doubt that there is a standard of conduct and behavior with Him. He demonstrates His righteousness in His judgments and His mercy in His forgiveness.

As we sit here I keep waiting for Him to release to me an answer that will give us direction in this age of fear and greed. I keep waiting for a word from Him that will open the door of restoration but none comes. Quietly He looks out over the valley and sighs. His commandments come to me in an instant, All of the resurrection statements, commands and His insistent “GO” fill my being as He declares with His eyes the fire that is in His presence. “If you love me, keep my commands, If you are my friend, keep my commands. If you care, surrender and abandon your life to Me. Go” .

The world is waiting, living in fear and yet hope, looking for a God of Love to save them. We are to be the expression of His presence and to be “like Jesus” in this world. The Gospel is a demonstration of Spirit and power – a demonstration of His love that changes that which cannot be changed and brings faith to the hopeless. We are to be “naturally supernatural beings” filled with His words, prayers and works as we walk amongst His creation.

Dana and I are so filled with the reality of change that is upon the USA and the world. We are experiencing such a hunger in our hearts for the lost and for change in His body. Our walk and our prayers must continue to change and line up with His heart and will.



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