Fathers Hand Ministries goal is to energize the church to be the naturally supernatural entity they were created to be, seeking and saving the lost and destroying the works of the enemy everywhere!!!  

 The body of Christ, needs to walk in intimacy (close, dynamic fellowship) with Father to fulfill Mt.28:18-20. they need to feel of use, be equipped, edified and sent to change their work place and communities!  Preaching at the Church has not worked, so maybe we need to energize disciples the way Jesus and Paul did.

 In many countries we work there are dynamic, miracle infused moves of God happening, fueled by discipleship/intimacy interactive trainings, driven by naturally supernatural believers operating in intimacy with Father. Here are a few testimonies from our friends and family around the world. Here are a few testimonies of change we have received from leaders/Christians we have had the privilege of training at 3 Springs training facility and in other countries.

 R and R Mer. (name restricted for safety purposes):

Count Nicolas von Zinzendorf, leader of the Moravian sending movement in the 1700s, said “I have but one passion- it is He (Jesus), it is He alone.” This is what compelled me to give my life to reaching unreached Muslims. I lived 4 years in the Middle East doing what I had learned from others should bear fruit. I spent hundreds of hours talking about Jesus to Muslims. I prayed and saw many Muslims healed in their bodies. But after 4 years I had no disciples, which is the one thing Jesus commanded us in the Great Commission.

 At a small gathering I attended, Neil spoke about intimacy with Jesus and “having but one passion” took on a new, deeper meaning for me. As Neil told stories about walking with God, hearing His voice and discipling others, Neil was speaking in a normal voice, but God was shouting at me., “This is what walking with me is like! All things are possible for those who believe! This is normal life in the Kingdom!”

I was compelled to spend some time with the Gambles before we left  for our new mission field. My wife, child, and I spent 3 weeks at 3 Springs missions training center with Neil and Dana and it turned out to be the best thing we could have done before moving into a new pioneering season among Muslims.

 “Traction” is the word I could best use to describe our time there. The Gambles don’t teach theory. Walking with Jesus is real. Hearing His voice, stepping out in obedience, taking risk is all part of normal Kingdom life. Being grounded in relationship with the Father, cultivating a close relationship with Jesus, and enjoying fellowship of the Spirit is the only way to thrive and bear fruit in life, much less unreached Muslim people groups. The Gambles challenged my cliches and inherited beliefs by putting everything to the test of “Does it come from relationship with God?” and “Does it produce lasting fruit?” Jesus said a tree will be known by its fruit. Since my time at 3 Springs I’ve been walking closer with God, more secure in my identity as His Son, recognizing His voice more clearly, and making disciples.

If you want to get detoxified from religion, and become steeped in intimacy with God and modeled discipleship, spend time with the Gambles at 3 Springs.

Jon and Corinna McMurray – Toronto, Canada

The following is a text message I sent to several friends on December 1, 2015, at the end of a 4-day visit by the Gambles to our home in Toronto, Canada:

            “I feel like I just tried to take a small sip of water from a fire hose. The Lord is flooding me with His voice and I am undone. Praise Him! The roof of the tent has blown off and no ceiling remains to contain Him.”

A little context… At that moment Neil was in our kitchen talking to a local pastor about making and multiplying disciples and I was contemplating the past four days of events and conversations. As I did so Holy Spirit seemed to just flood my mind with thoughts, memories and images of times that HE had spoken to me and I hadn’t recognized it as HIM (or I’d doubted that it was HIM). It was so overwhelming, I simply put my head in my hands and wept for joy and amazement. Thus the “fire hose” analogy. Further, I realized that the God-sized hopes and dreams that HE had put in me were still possible and worth pursuing. HE had blown open my limited perspective on what HE can and will do and was inviting me into HIS reality rather than my own.

  Our initial reason for inviting Neil and Dana to Toronto was in response to our felt need to learn how to better hear God’s voice. We had spent a good deal of our lives doing “godly stuff” and ministry that was based on solid scriptural principles but felt like we needed to make a drastic change in this regard. We felt burnt out and tired of our own  “good ideas”. We wanted HIS ideas and HIS leading and HIS power to do it.

  When the Gambles came they began with their teaching on intimacy based on John 17:3. This message cemented in us an understanding of who a disciple is before God, that we are SONS and DAUGHTERS, with the ability to approach the FATHER like one would their own good father.  We had some intimate times of asking questions, praying together and learning to hear the Lord’s voice by listening collectively. There were several moments of “AHA!” as we learned to trust a word, phrase, picture, vision or impression from Holy Spirit and then share it with the person we were praying for. Coming away from these times we understood why the Gambles often repeat the phrase, “Why wouldn’t it be God?”. We realized that we should not ask, “How does God speak?” but instead should ask, “How does God NOT speak?” So often we have posed questions to our good heavenly Father and then missed His (often immediate) response because of our preconceived notions as to HOW He must answer.

 As a result of our increasing confidence in discerning (and obeying) HIS voice we have been involved in all sorts of craziness. We’ve seen healings and people set free from emotional/spiritual bondage, we’ve cast out demons, responded in obedience to impressions, dreams and visions, put on conferences and trainings, etc, and honestly it feels like just the beginning. Our hearts’ desire is for the Lord to use us to  make many more disciples in our area and abroad who will go and do the same.

Bro. Brandon Spain

Our experience at 3 springs was life changing, not only were we spurred on toward a more intimate relationship with the Father, but our focus of life and ministry became clearer.

Neil has been a spiritual father to us by teaching us that discipleship is God’s heart but that it only happens when we have the Lord’s heart of intimacy towards Him and others.  This message has been transformational to us in how we live life and do ministry. Neil’s love for people is one that we have not seen in many people of today. This is not a syrupy sentimental love, which the “world” so often calls love, but a love that can encourage, and perform spiritual surgery as well. Neil loves in grace and truth. That is the model that our Savior Jesus Christ has given us and that is what Sandy and I have aspired toward since meeting and getting to know Neil and Dana more intimately.

Pastors Clayton and Lynn Kabuta

The church likes to say that Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.  However, most Christians merely practice a religion.  They do not live in a real relationship with God.  Neil and Dana showed us how to live and walk in true relationship with our heavenly Father just as the Lord Jesus did.  As Paul wrote in I Corinthians 4:20, “For the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power.”

Shawn Clarke

My first encounter with a Prophetic Listening time at 3 Springs, I discovered I was significant & my voice & life mattered. That each individual makes up the whole, when united by Father, for the furtherance of His kingdom.

 God had always seemed distant before, but as I listened & embraced the teachings on intimacy with Father, I realized He delighted in me drawing near! He moved me from “religion” to relationship…from a performance based approach to God, to approaching Him as a royal daughter…HIS DAUGHTER.  The thrill of discovering I could hear God’s voice, if only I would take time to listen; caused a stirring to pass it on to everyone I know, especially my grandkids! Not settling for mediocre Christianity, but to realize INTIMACY with Father, Son & Holy Spirit takes this adventure to greater heights & depths, I had never dreamed possible!  …. 

…My life will never be the same after these encounters, after all…”Why wouldn’t it be God?”

 We hope that these testimonies will cause you to realize that there is not just hope but a reality to the fact that Father wants and needs you to be an active part of His Church, energized and equipped to do the things Jesus did while He walked this earth. Like Paul said “My speech and my preaching were not with the persuasive words of human wisdom, but in a demonstration of the Spirit and power that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” (1Cor. 2:4-5 NKJV).

Neil and Dana Gamble,
Father’s Hand Ministries, www.fathershandministries.com
[email protected]

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