Prophetic word given outside Plano, Tx.
Time is short and the past is the past. Now focus on that which gives you life.  I will be merciful to your unrighteousness and remember your lawlessness no more.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken until only that which can’t be shaken remains.  Therefore, receive the keys to the kingdom that will remain and rejoice.  The new wine is here.  The power is in the wine not the wineskin.  Align yourselves with the wine, having wisdom in how to respond and lead others.  This alignment will keep your path straight on the road ahead safe from the fires that are to fall.  There are three fires to come: clear blue, true green, saffron yellow—fires that will purify with truth.  Now go where I send you, even to war.  Behave wisely, and be successful in the Lord.  “What if you did not hear?”  asks the Lord.  There would be nothing ahead but a dark and lonely road, full of demon eyes. But having listened a light now shines through you casting a long shadow that will cover many.
The above word came a few years back through 11 people who each were given a small piece of this that made no sense without the others present.  The words were given in order and compiled by the last person to speak.  As each person spoke it was written down, then it was cleaned up so that the sentences made sense.  We who received this word believe it is a word for the church at large.  The meaning of this word is not by our private interpretation but for those who read it to gain understanding of God’s will for the future.
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