80-90% of people walk in an emotion and soulish realm. This is the fruit or branch area of a tree. When they ask for prayer they only know their problem emotionally or in their minds eye. So in prayer they want their emotions fixed. Anger, depression, worry, anxiety, etc are what they see as their problem. In truth it is only fruit – that which is visible and affects their social life.

They do not recognize or  know cognitively that another layer exists. Even if they know of the spiritual realm they don’t know how to operate there. Most live unaware of how to  deal with root problems as they do not know how to hear or see from Jesus’ perspective and our position. When in prayer for them, only Holy Spirit can show you what is going on there.

 We can pick off the fruit that is bad from the visible tree easily and they will feel released from its weight but if we do not deal with the root – the same fruit (maybe in a bit different form, but still not good) will be back on the tree again.

When people tell me what they want help with, something they feel is wrong, seldom is it the problem nor will deliverance from what they see as the problem change them. In prayer, healing and deliverance we must have insights from Jesus and The Spirit! We must be willing to see what they cannot, and deal with it.

Jesus is whom I am to look and act like. He sends us JUST like He was and is sent!!!

Our identity, perspective, close personal fellowship and position in Him affects all we see and hear. Thus it affects our response to Him and to those around us. We hear and see differently. This changes how we speak and respond in every act of living life as Christ followers!

In intercession we must follow the HS to the root, deal with the real problem there and see new fruit on the branches!  Look at the natural, see through it into the spiritual, remove or repair these and see the results in the natural or physical realm.

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