To all;

I am looking for 10-20 people who are frustrated, tired of nothing happening, hungry for more of Christ and willing to pay the price to be changed and see change.
Dana and i have been a part of several discipleship movements (called house church movements) in India, Indonesia and a couple other places. We have seen a book of Acts manifestation of Jesus in several areas in the past 12 years. We were privileged to take part in the training of leaders and Christ followers in these movements. We have watched people, who have been a part of discipleship/intimacy trainings, see thousands and more come to Jesus and experience real life. We have seen villages changed in a day. We have gotten to watch as a wave of the Gospel empowered by Holy Spirit sweeps across areas on India. Miracles, signs and wonders are an integral part of these movements.

People are always telling me that this cannot happen in the USA or other western cultures. I think that these statements are ludicrous, my God is no respecter of persons. What He does for one He will do for all. We are the problem, we westerners are not willing to pay the price. We don’t want to be persecuted for Jesus nor to be rejected by anyone. We want music that moves us, enthusiastic ministry or preaching that brings a bit of conviction but not enough to make us change and we want comfortable living. We want His Glory, healing, anointing and manifestation, — without commitment to obey His commands to “GO” into all the world. We want these “graces” without getting out of our comfort zone. We want all that Christ offers to be “free and easy”. Tell me, “what relationship worth anything comes at no cost”? I love David’s words “i will not offer to God anything that costs me nothing”.. (1 Chron.21:24-26 — paraphrase mine)

I have been crying a bit lately, watching mostly nothing happen in the Church of Jesus Christ in the West. (there are some things happening but they are inside the walls and not effecting the communities around them.) We are watching our communities walk in fear and ignorance of the True Living Jesus. We have nothing to offer them in our meetings and little in our lives to show them, because our Gospel is mostly in word only and demonstrates no or little power. Christians, in church meetings, are frustrated and tired of sitting in the pews watching some “name or position” manifest a bit of Christ. They go because it connects them to hope, but there is no place for them to see what the Bible tells them should be a part of their lives. Prayer is more of an action of hope than faith. Reality is that little happens to bring them confidence that the Word of God is true for their lives, or that they are needed (except for their giving).

I run into people all the time outside the walls who are recognizing that God is real and the only hope. But they are not finding what their heart is telling them should be true. I met a guy the other day who started praying 3 years ago by himself. He knows that there is a God but has no concept of how to find what His heart is looking for. He went to Catholic meetings, Lutheran meetings and Assembly of God meetings. What he found was, as he calls it, “junk food with no reality”. All the “flavors” gave him indigestion and no understanding of the longing in his heart. We talked for about 20 minutes and in that time he ended up with “goose (Holy Ghost) bumps”. I shared about a God that was with me at work and in my living, miraculous and dynamic, a naturally supernatural relationship. He said, “this is what i have been pondering in my heart but have found no one who can help me figure out how to walk what i am hungry for”.

This is what prompts me to ask, “Are there Christ followers or leaders out there who are willing to sacrifice and change so that more people in the world may find help, and that these leaders and believers willing to change may find a place to be used and needed by Christ in a new more dynamic way in their daily living? I am looking for 10-20 people in any area or city who will go through a paradigm shift in their living for Jesus, — that is in their thinking and actions. I am looking for people who are frustrated and hungry for more of Jesus. I am looking for people who will go through a 2 1/2 day basic training and then, if possible, meet once every week or every two weeks after the initial training for a time, to go through problems or share experiences they are having, to encourage each other until what they do becomes who they are. (for people who come from outside the initial training area, a follow-up meeting can be scheduled). These people will need to be willing to Honor God, obey the Word and sacrifice a bit of religion to gain His presence and Love. This change is costly, there will be opposition, rejection, persecution and hardships of one kind or another. The results will be Jesus presence, love, and power–not the spectacular per say, but the naturally-supernatural presence of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, found in an intimate relationship with God..

This training will not add more things to do in your life after the initial training but will simply change the way you live, breathe and walk. The training focus is intimate interaction with God in each of our worlds, Jn. 17:3. and obedience to His commands, Mt.28:18-20 being inclusive of many others…
If you are not interested in this, but if you know someone who is, give this to them. In Father’s Hand, Neil

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