The scriptures say that God sets up governments and also causes them to fall… not in so many words but the idea is there.

On November 8th the world changes. In the USA we will elect one of two unethical, unrighteousness, and without integrity candidates chosen by the American people to run for president of our country. The people have chosen corruption and dishonesty and unrighteousness to rule them. The third option is that the election is deemed compromised and Obama declares martial law. In any of these cases the world changes. We move drastically toward the end.

It seems evident that the people of America do not want righteousness and peace. Greed, compromise and lack of morality seem to be the norm and what most want. It shows in the candidates we have for president. There seems to be little difference in the Church. Compromise and greed seem to prevail. We want the Glory but not the responsibility. We want the miracles but not obedience. We want every thing free— no cost or commitment. Our churches have the same divorce rate as the world. The youth want very little to do with our “system of Christianity” as they know most of it is a show and not real. We are reaping what we have sown. Unfortunately it will affect the whole world.

We must go back to the Bible and find a way to repent, change, and follow the King. We must take responsibility for who we are and what we are to represent. Our prayers must change, our lives must change, our witness must change!!! God is coming! He will be the Jesus of the book of Revelation that John describes and judgment begins at the house of God! To understand grace and mercy we must understand judgment and justice. Prepare yourselves Jesus is standing up…


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