We as Christians have been misled for years, being told that the Gospel of Grace takes away all need for works and the necessity for obedience. God has not changed. He is the same always, and his likes and dislikes still stay the same, too. The devil is still alive. Faith must still be accompanied with works of faith and we are not to be ignorant of the devices of the devil. Jesus is The Way, ‘The Truth, and The Life. He is the doorway by which we enter the Kingdom of God and without him we could not partake in the God of The Bible. This is grace! We are grafted into the vine, and God says if we don’t bear fruit He will cast us into the fire. In Gal.5:6, we find that “faith working through love” is the key to salvation faith is an unexplainable trust in whom or what we can not actually see.

Love is the expression of faith, seen in the things we do. If we love our neighbor, we do that which is necessary for them to see and desire the presence of Jesus in their life.

If we love Jesus we do and participate in the things or activities he likes and we do not partake of the things he hates. We walk in holiness. In Gal. 5:16-25 we see the conflict between the spirit and the flesh, and the end of those who practice these things they do not inherit the Kingdom. (Kingdom of God = the divine spiritual kingdom in the world, in the individual, and in the future state.)

If the things listed in this study can keep me from having Christ reign in me, thus keeping me from leading a victorious life in Christ, maybe I should study these things so I can know what to avoid. The following does not cover all of these practices, but you will find real difference in your life if these scriptures are taken from God’s Word and obeyed.

Establish in your heart that the Bible still has significance in our lives. As you see in II Tim. 3:15-17, all the scriptures that they had from youth were from the Old Testament still good to live by. See Matt 5:18, 24:35, 1 Cor. 10:1–12, They looked forward to Christ for salvation, where-as we look back. The things that happened to them through and because of disobedience and unbelief still can happen when we do the same things. II Cor. 6:15-18. 1 Thes. 5:22 states to” Abstain from every appearance of evil.” These scriptures don’t define what is evil but they do say to stay totally away from it.

The reason no definition of evil is given is because all through the Old Testament, “evil” is adequately defined so we can know what to avoid. There is no need to repeat Himself.

Eph 5:5-11. With the following scriptures and discussions, I hope to lay a foundation for looking into the Old Testament for what God likes and dislikes, what he calls evil, what the devil uses to deceive us, and how he gains ground to bring destruction into the lives of the saints. Heb 3:7-19 and Eze. 22:26, Judgment on Jerusalem ( God’s church ) is due to the prophets and teachers not instructing on the difference between clean and unclean. Eze. 44:23. Priests who are holy before God do teach these things. Lev. 20:22-27. The reason for knowing the difference is so that you may inherit God’s kingdom and blessings. Gal, 5:19-21, 1 Cor. 6:15-18.

In Acts 10, God gives Peter a vision of a sheet of unclean animals for him to kill and consume, without telling him that they are unclean. He gave him this vision so Peter would think no man unclean. Acts 10:17,28,34. In Rom 14, Paul talks about food.(See Rom. 14.2,14-16,20). These scriptures don’t say that we still shouldn’t avoid evil statues, pictures, things, etc. of the same identity that are used in evil practices. In the New Testament we are taught that the Holy Spirit is a more effective power for holy living than the Law. The Law told what to do and the punishment for disobedience to it. The Holy Spirit provides the necessary power and motivation to fulfill the Law. Rom. 8:9-17. Gal 5:16–25, We are saved by Grace, but we walk in wisdom knowing the difference between good and evil. We cannot be deceived into believing that grace does away with the good and evil in the world. Hos. 4:6-10. Matt. 22:29. Isa. 5:13.

Deut. 4:1-6,15,23-30. Note verse 15, pictures and statues in the likeness of Jesus are idolatry, because nobody knows what he looks like, according to the scripture should we have them? It makes for a false impression of what God looks like. Deut. 7:25,26,says no images of other gods or things used to make them. (Turquoise is used to make Indian altars to their gods.) It is worn. to keep their gods and spirits as protectors around them at all times. They chant “spiritual blessings” over much of it before it is sold or worn. Deut. 18:9-14.

The following scriptures deal with fortunetellers, horoscopes, psychics, etc. Josh. 6:18, Isa. 47:1,10-12. Accursed and doomed objects, things which should be destroyed, things devoted to other gods. The garments and the Gold and silver taken wrongfully caused the people to be overcome by their enemies. Are there things in your house that hinder relationships or destroy peace, cause division, and keep God from having freedom in your life? What beasts are used for evil and which are not biblically? There are many references to clean and unclean animals in the bible. A few, Lev.11 Deut. 2:35, and in chs.3 and 14 are some examples. In Jesus we can now eat any animal, but look at the lists and then compare them with the animals used in sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo and other satanic cults. Why would you take these into your home as figurines or statues, pictures etc…. ? If they are used in evil practices and are found in these various scriptural lists why would a Christian have anything to do with them?

Look at Lev. 20:22-27. What beasts are used for evil practices and which are not in these passages? What birds? What other creatures, also? Eating is not an issue here because all food is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. But animals images, statues, paintings, etc. serve as images of other gods and tools of these gods that are also used in cultic practices and witchcraft. Read all of Deut 8 before continuing. What are the commands of Jesus? There are quite a few. I Pet. 1:13-19. Be holy as He is Holy. II Cor 6:15-18, 7:1. Would Jesus have had images of other gods around Him? Would Jesus have some of the things you have around your house? Would He have anything to do with having evil as entertainment?

The following are examples in scriptures of things that are evil, esp. animals and gods. Find out about things used in occult practices and abstain from them, also. We are to beware of the wiles of the devil. God did not create these things or animals for evil, rather, evil was found in them. Satan was not created evil. He chose an evil path. Evil’s definition is, things or actions that God hates or are used against his purpose and plan. Good things are things God approves of. Our standards of good and evil mean nothing unless they are His standard all of them. I re-iterate that these are just some examples of evil beasts, If you have questions about others, look them up. Isa. 34:8-17 talks about the “End of The Age”. Look closely at the birds and animals that will be left behind with the satyr, or night creature. (demon, or devil ) These creatures are used largely in Satanism, witchcraft and African cult,. Isa. 13:6-11,20-22.

Wild goats come from the same word as satyr a half-man, half-beast demonic creature.

Owls are used extensively as a creature of wisdom in many cultures; they are also used much in witchcraft for the transport of evil spirits to put on people, and for other demonic activities. It is also the Greek god Athens’s symbol of wisdom and virility. ICor. 1:30 states that Christ is our wisdom.

Frogs are used a lot in Eastern cults. Rev. 16:13,14. These scriptures tell that the spirits of demons looked like frogs. In Vietnam and Korea, they are used to carry curses.

Remember 2 Cor. 6:15-18, 1 Thes. 5:22, 1 John 5:18-21. Is. 47:8-15, Gal 5:16-21. Causes of keeping these things as idols include loss of mates and or children because of enchantments, sorcery, astrology, stargazing, and fortune telling. Nobody can save you but Jesus. Yet we need to repent, get rid of the evil ‘in your house and life, and fill your house with scripture. Obedience to the likes and dislikes of God doesn’t save our souls, relationship with Christ does. Following God’s likes and avoiding His dislikes will make a difference in your living, and make you all the more blessed in your walk.

Knowing about these things help us to understand the devil’s wiles a little better, and see how destructive and deceptive the enemy really is. We overcome the enemy by “The Word of our testimony and the Blood of ‘the Lamb”. Again, the priests have not taught these vital truths, so the blame was not yours until now, (since you know better after the reading of this message.)

Judge your life by the Word, don’t judge the Word by your life. Hos. 4:6

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