As I look out this morning upon the valley below us at 3 Springs and FHM headquarters I stand amazed at the Father and His creation. We have been so blessed to be here and see the hand of the Lord in His creation and in what we are reaching forward toward. How awesome to serve Jesus and His desire to see Father’s Kingdom come to earth and be established in the hearts of men.

Every time we turn around Father is doing a miracle in some person or in provision to get the land to the place Father has told us it needs to be. We now have two 3-bedroom houses, the cabin and a small travel trailer to house people, besides the tent sites available. The only building left to renovate is the homestead.

There has been a constant traffic of people coming to 3 Springs this year, the cabin and our home has been filled most of the time. We have two young ladies staying with us now, stretching their wings, learning to fly and gaining intimacy with Father. We seem to have no time yet God continues to push us in our own walk. We have been changed as we walk out what Father does. Our confidence in Him has increased as have our tears and prayers for the hurting and lost.

This summer and fall has seen an increased revelation into the simplicity of intimacy and discipleship. We are finding a freedom to be vessels of truth, love and grace in a more open way. God has been dealing with us about not compromising the truth, not making excuses for what the Word says or what Jesus and Father say. We find we speak more boldly into people’s lives and situations. And we see the results, of the truth spoken in love, in their relationship with Jesus. Our desire is that we can serve Jesus better and the people who come with questions and hope.

The Church in the US is in such a place of need. We need a renovation in our hearts toward the commands of Jesus for both leaders and believers. believers are hungry, leaders are frustrated, yet to return to the words of Christ and our bibles seems too hard. It is too much of a paradigm shift. Why we make it so hard to obey Jesus and scripture I do not know. Leaders need to become servants and believers need to become ministers.

Why we are so fearful of God and His presence amongst us baffles me. We say that we want more of Christ but deny His provision, promises and commands. If we want more of Christ, all we have to do is spend time with Him, listen and obey. A relationship with Father and Jesus is no harder than having one with a friend or “spousal unit.” It is about choice and commitment.

Leaders being lords of the body is a violation of God’s provision. They are to be servants, not lords…. They are to be under and not over the body. (Mt. 20:25-28) A servant does not fleece the body nor live in extravagance while others live in poverty. Double honor does not mean living above others. That is not Jesus! That is the world system invading the Church.

What will it take for us to simply say, “We must stop these practices and get back to the Truth and obedience to the heart of God.” How long will we cry with tears to God and expect Him to change for us? He has done all. He is waiting for us. We are the ones whom must change. Self exalts itself against God and His Word with subtle deceptions to what we read or hear. These subtle added or changed words and meanings lead us to a place divided from the truth and His presence. It is a place much more comfortable for the flesh but not real healthy for our future. Deceptions are lies of the truth: truth that leads us in the wrong direction or to the wrong conclusion. They destroy relationship and surrender, pervert holiness and purity of heart. Self— anything is a tricky, slippery delusion promoted by satan.

WE, the Church, are the responsible for where we are and where we will go. God will not and is not going to change. We must find reformation to His will and Word!

Rom. 12:1-2 tell us it is our responsibility to present our bodies to Him in holiness…. Maybe this includes the body of Christ….

May we find the Grace and Mercy of God to change. May we be found faithful.

Will write more later, neil

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