Father’s Hand Ministries is an international ministry equipping and preparing the church to walk in the Presence and Power of The Father and Son through Love, intimacy and discipleship trainings.

Our goal is to serve the body of Christ and help bring the “fullness” of Christ into a reality in the world. Neil and Dana have taught internationally since 2000 and continue to travel the world equipping the Church and leaders through seminars on Discipleship, Intimacy (hearing God’s voice daily), Leadership, Strategic prayer, and other topics as requested. Seminars and trainings have been taught to leaders and churches in India, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and a few other countries. They have also taught quite a bit in the United States.

Neil and Dana are available for ministry to any body, group, fellowship, church, leaders, youth groups, retreats or Christian schools around the world.

For booking information contact us at; (001), 509-262-4201, 509-262-4200 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

USA / International Travel Considerations

We realize that these trips are not possible without the engagement of the Body of Christ. Below you will find a list of upcoming trips with details including  location, dates (roughly), purpose and costs. This information is provided so that you would know how to pray into and support the trainings and encounters with groups of people hungry for Jesus.

Besides what are listed, there are a few other trips in our hearts that are similar, but we try not to actually plan too far in advance as God can change our minds. We will be doing some travel in the USA this year that wehave not listed, as it is a “work this in” if we can.

We have left room in our schedule for more trainings that people are asking for, but who have not finalized their plans yet.

There are no upcoming events at this time.
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