3 Springs

3 Springs

3 Springs Station is located on 42 acres north of Spokane, Washington. It was given to FHM as a headquarters, gathering place, and training/equipping center. The goal of FHM at 3 Springs is to incorporate trainings on discipleship and intimacy (close personal dynamic fellowship with God) with holistic living principles. The leadership trainings we do around the globe are also available at 3 Springs. The facilities are also used for small gatherings of listeners seeking the Lord’s voice. At times, trainings are incorporated with learning basic work skills in construction, landscaping, and gardening.

There are several buildings at 3 Springs: a small cabin that sleeps 6 and 2 homes with extra bedrooms for guests to come stay in. In June 2014, the “Warehouse” was completed. It is an 1100 square foot building available for trainings. It also has 2 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 12 people. Around 15 acres are meadowland and the rest is forested with some great walking trails and fabulous views. We have a large green house and garden area, an orchard, and our laying chickens. The property is being improved yearly as we continue to develop it.

There is always a lot to do running a missions training center and we have an annual list of projects:

  • tree trimming
  • cutting firewood
  • campsite preparations
  • trail improvement
  • garden and orchard maintenance
  • building maintenance

If you would like to come up and visit the facilities, talk to us about trainings or be part of FHM and 3 Springs in any way, please feel free to contact us. We would to hear from you!

Trainings & Events

FHM Trainings at 3 Springs Missions Training Center.

Once a month, starting this spring, Father’s Hand Ministries, (Neil and Dana Gamble and other guest trainers) will host and facilitate empowering elementary trainings to embolden the body of Christ.

These trainings are designed to equip the body of Christ to bring God’s Kingdom to bear on earth. They are not in lecture format, but are interactive with discussion by all participants. The outcome of the gathering will be the result the combined input of those attending the seminar.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Local Weekly Events:

  • 3 Springs Community Prayer – Monday at 9:00 AM
  • 3 Springs Community Gathering – Fridays at 7:00 PM

Project List

3 Springs April to October 2016 Project list

  1. Food storage (root cellar) building – This is so we can better store and utilize the food we grow here in the summer. We want to build one into the hill so it won’t need to be heated or cooled. It would be a buried structure. This building has been in the plan for a while but we have not had funds to complete.
    Approx. cost; $4-5000.00
  2. Fencing of the rest of our meadows – This is so we can have some sheep or goats here to raise for meat for our guests and those here doing trainings. We currently raise two steers for meat yearly to supply for meals. This project will enhance the use of available ground much more efficiently and reduce daily labor needs. Two cattle guards, posts and fencing materials are needed plus some paid labor… approx. cost $4300.00 (cattle guard cost is the variable figure and these alone could cost 3-4000 for both which could drive this cost up. We are believing we can find some used supplies for this on Craigslist to keep the cost down)
  3. Orchard – We have several trees that are in need of replacement and the orchard itself needs to have a watering system installed to reduce daily labor needs.
    Approx. cost; $1000.00
  4. Develop main spring for water to all houses – There is a spring on the property that if we can develop it will supply as much water as all 3 of our other springs put together. It would provide gravity fed water to 3 of our structures and help us with our garden and orchard watering needs. When we moved here God showed me this spring in a vision. I went to the spot He showed me and dug a test hole and the spring is there. We have not been in a place to do the development of it until now. With this spring developed, we would be able to continue to operate under most conditions; except for our electricity for lighting. To complete this project we need tanks, pipe, rock, drain fabric, valves and to rent a dozer for 3 days work. The costs depend on what and if we can find items cheaper on for sale sites like Craigslist.
    Approx. cost; $ 7-10,000.00

Ongoing Needs

  • Road repairs; This is a never-ending need it seems when you live on a hillside and have snow and mud. We have done some parts of our driveway but to completely fix our problem, we need to re-rock some of our driveway and put a new foundation on one section that we cannot use in wet times because it is too soft. 10 to 12, 11yard dump trucks of rock would be needed to stabilize the rest of our roads.
  • Misc. maintenance needs; We always have small projects that show up from use and living here. We have 4 buildings that house people, 3 pump houses, a 20-60’ green house, plus a shop and chicken house as well as the meadows and forest land. We cut our own firewood so have chain saws, etc… 3 vehicles, 1 backhoe, 1 tractor, various farm implements and hand tools. All of these age and need service… approx. cost; we just never know-lol. God is good and we have been blessed at how He has kept things in good shape and running. Truly it is amazing to us at how little we spend on these items compared to what other’s tell me their costs are.

All in All, FHM and 3 Springs runs fairly inexpensively, with no or very little labor costs. Dana, Neil, Phillip and Iris do most of the work at no cost to FHM because we live on the property. It is our donation to His Kingdom.

Please pray over these ministries and items on the list, that Father would have His way, that we would be a blessing to Him and fulfill the desire of His heart for Father’s Hand Ministries and 3 Springs Missions Training Center.
Thank you for praying for and trusting in us!

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